Passenger Information


All cabins are air conditioned with individual units and control panels allowing you to regulate the temperature. All public rooms on the Bengal Ganga are air conditioned. We suggest that you keep the temperature of the room moderate since severe changes in temperature from outdoors can some¬times cause cough, cold or nausea.

Bengal Ganga is equipped with a public address system which can transmit throughout the vessel. Ar¬rival times and shore excursion departure times as well as any changes in the daily program will be announced.


The saloon bar is located on the upper deck and and offers a wide variety of cocktails and imported / local spirits & beers . It is open every day from 9:00 am until Mid-night.

Blankets are kept in the drawer or closet under your bed. These may be needed at night during winter months when the night time temperatures drops below 10°C.

We usually have an open bridge policy but request you to be sensitive to the ship’s officer’s task at hand. We request you to take prior approval of the ship’s manager or operations director before visiting the Bridge or the operations area on board the ship. “No Go areas” are indicated as “crew only.”
The cabins on board the Bengal Ganga are designed to make you feel as comfortable as possible during your voyage with us. Our stewarding team will ensure and do their best to maintain highest possible standards of cleanliness and will try to make you feel as much at home as possible. Please note that the cabins do not have mini bars, TVs or phones. All cabins have their own air conditioning units, mini-safe, luggage storage, wardrobe, writing desk and amenities include hair drier, bath robes and slippers. All upper and main deck cabins have own deck space with rattan chairs and a table out¬side the room. The Upper deck cabins are Premium cabins, hence are a special price category and are no different from other main deck cabins.

The dress code onboard is “casual and comfortable”. We request that shorts not be worn and ladies wear full sleeves shirts or tops and carry a stole or a scarf to cover their heads during excursions to Temples & Mosque.
We recommend that for shore excursions you wear comfortable shoes.

Complimentary coffee and tea are available from 6 am in either on the sun deck or the dining room throughout the day.

A professional, English-speaking Cruise Director / Expedition Leader is available throughout your holi¬day to ensure your comfort, answer questions and help make this an unforgettable cruise

All meals onboard are prepared by highly experienced chefs and consist of primarily Indian / Euro¬pean-style food. We hope you will find each meal a wonderful culinary experience.

A Daily Programme, detailing the following day’s arrangements as well as any specific information about the day’s activities, is produced onboard and delivered to your cabin each evening

Request for special diets should be communicated to Pandaw Cruises India at the time of booking the cruise. Please remind the Manager or Maitre d’Hotel of your special needs immediately on the day of embarkation. The Chef will try to accommodate your request but facilities to do so onboard are li¬mited.

Your Manager will provide you with detailed disembarkation information the day prior to the end of your cruise. This will include transfer information (where applicable).
If you should have any specific queries, please do not hesitate to talk to the Cruise Director / Manager at any time.

230 volts three round pin type as found in India. This is only suitable for low wattage electrical ap-pliances such as mobile phones or camera chargers. You will need an adapter to plug into the wall socket.
Please note that the use of personal hairdryers, clothing irons, coffee makers, curling tongs etc in the suites is strictly forbidden as they may damage the ship’s electrical system.
If you have not brought the correct adapter with you, please check with the reception, they may be able to help.

In the unlikely event that this should occur during your cruise, we ask that you remain calm and follow the instructions of the crew. Life vests are stored in wardrobe of your cabin.
During the safety drill, you will be shown how to fit and wear the life vest
We request that, as soon as you enter your cabin, you carefully read the safety instructions fixed on the inside of your cabin door.

Should you discover sense or smell fire, please advise the Bridge / Crew member closest to you imme¬diately and wait for further instruction from the crew.

Bottled mineral water is used for cooking and food preparation onboard the vessel. Off the vessel we recommend you never accept ice in drinks and avoid ice creams, crushed sugar cane, salads and the skins of fruits.

We provide Slippers for your comfort on board the vessel. For shore excursions the guests should wear comfortable, safe, yet durable walking shoes. At certain times the river banks and paths used can be muddy and therefore slippery or very dusty. We ask you to remove your footwear when returning on board so that we can clean your shoes for you and return them to you later.

You may avail a selection of games is available in the library for your pleasure while onboard.

Because of the varying nature of the river bank the method of getting ashore may differ from destina¬tion to destination. On occasions access may be difficult. We will ensure the gangways are safe and that crew and team are on hand to assist you.
The Daily Program will advise you of arrival and departure times in the various destinations that you will be visiting.
Passengers should wait in the public areas or in their suite until an announcement is made with instruc¬tions to disembark.
When participating in shore excursions our local guides will ensure that your return to the ship is in plenty of time for departure.
Should you set off to explore on your own, please check with reception, your Cruise Director / Manager or with your local guide, at what time you should return onboard the vessel in good time for departure.
If the ship is in a remote area and you hear a continuous blow of the ship’s horn then please return im¬mediately to the landing site.

Gratuities to the ship’s crew are not included in the holiday price.
In response to the feedback that we have received from our previous passengers on the Bengal Ganga, we have made arrangements to add gratuities to your onboard account, which is payable at the end of your voyage.
Please note though that gratuity payments are entirely discretionary and that you are welcome to opt out of this system or, indeed to alter the amount of the gratuities that you would like to be added to your account. Should you wish to pay gratuities separately to your onboard bill or charge the amount that is to be added to your account, please notify the manager during your voyage. Please refer to your Traveler’s requirements for information regarding tipping ashore while on organized shore excursions.
Gratuities to your Cruise Director / Expedition Leader and Tour Manager are not expected. However should you wish to offer a gratuity for exceptional service, then this is entirely at your discretion.

There is a hair dryer in each room.

Please refer to Daily Programs or Notice Boards for times.

External doors and the gauze windows should be kept closed at all times - day and night. At night, if on the deck or going ashore, make sure to rub ankles and other exposed parts with insect repellent. However, outside urban areas mosquitoes are less of a problem than other forms of insect life. Make sure to switch off lights when leaving your cabin so as not to attract insects. Between January and March insects, but not mosquitoes, can be a real problem. The river is fast flowing so mosquitoes are rarely encountered.

There are two computers located in the office with internet access. Internet cards can be hired from reception and the cost added to your onboard account.

We recommend that you deposit jewellery and other valuables in your in-suite cabin safe.

We suggest you to deposit your cabin keys while going onshore for excursions.

The language onboard is English

A laundry service is available onboard. Laundry bags and a price list can be found in the closet in your room. Please fill in the laundry list and leave it, together with the bag of dirty laundry, on your bed. Your laundered items will be returned within 24 hours. In the interest of safety we ask that you do not use an electric iron in your suite. An ironing-only service is available at a reasonable cost.
Dry cleaning service is not available onboard.
In the interests of the environment, towels will not automatically be changed every day. We ask that you put used towels on the bathroom floor if you wish them to be changed for fresh towels. Towels left hanging on the towel rack will not be changed.

You may borrow books but we kindly ask that you return these before you leave the ship at the end of the cruise. Should you wish to donate any books which you may have brought with you, we will be happy to add these to the bookcase for the pleasure of future passengers.

International Maritime Law requires a lifeboat drill to take place at the beginning of each cruise.
All passengers must attend this compulsory and important exercise, so please listen out for announce¬ment. During the drill, all ship’s services will be suspended. Your assigned lifeboat station, location of your life vest and the signal for lifeboat and fire drills are all clearly explained on the emergency card pasted on the door of the cabin.

Life vests are located in the wardrobe of your cabin. During the safety drill you will be shown how to fit and wear the life vests.

Some destinations of call may require the use of local boat to go ashore. Passengers will be advised where and when to meet the local boat to go ashore. Please ensure that your hands are free at all times and accept the assistance given by the crew onboard the Bengal Ganga when boarding the local boat.

Please note that although reception staff are happy to post letters and postcards on your behalf, they may not be able to do so straightaway or indeed at the destination of call at which you make such a request.
Please also note that at some places postal services are unreliable and that any letters or postcards that you may ask to be posted on your behalf may be delayed or even lost en route. Under no cir-cumstances can we be held liable for such occurrences and we would recommend that you post your own letters or postcards to be more certain of their prompt delivery.

Meal times are indicated in your Daily Program. Special dietary requirements may be catered for, with advance notification
Enjoy our extensive breakfast buffet, a lunch buffet with some served dishes on occasion and in the evening a sit-down dinner. Our Chef will endeavor to delight you with specialties from some of the regions through which you will be cruising.
There is just one sitting at meal times and in order to ensure a smooth service for sit-down dinner, we ask that you take good note of the starting time and arrive promptly. There is unassigned seating in the dining room at all times. We kindly request our guests not to take food out of the dining room. Weather permitting, early riser’s Tea or Coffee and bar services will commence outdoor only on the Sun Deck.

A first aid kit and some medication are located at the Reception. All our senior staff has attended First Aid Medical Training. Since we are not far away from land, services of a doctor can be called for but it may take some time for the doctor to arrive. Before your travel you should consult your doctor and make sure that you are fit to travel and the doctor should check with the local relevant authority whether any inoculations are required. We do not have facility for disabled or wheel chair access.

GSM phone network works for all parts of the cruise with excellent coverage.

The currency on board the ship is Indian Rupee. All passengers will have their own ship account, which allows you to sign a bill for all purchases and services throughout your cruise. All bills on board the Bengal Ganga will be in Indian Rupees (INR) in cash or credit card (Master or Visa card). Please note that only bills with an amount over 1,500 INR can be settled by credit card. We cannot accept traveler cheques, debit card or personal cheque on board the Bengal Ganga.

Please be careful when moving about the decks, they can be slippery especially after the evening dew, morning mist or rainfall. The stairs on board may be steeper than you may be used to. It's best to always use the handrails.

The official currency onboard the Bengal Ganga is the U$ Dollar. In order to make your life easier we use a credit system and charge everything you purchase (drinks, items from the gift shop, tele-phone, etc.) to your onboard account.
The day before the end of the cruise, you will receive a bill showing all charges. This bill can be settled in cash in U$ Dollars, or Credit Card. MasterCard, Visa and American Express cards are accepted. Please note that payment by debit card or personal cheque is not possible.

It is possible that, despite our meticulous planning, changes may have to be made to the daily program as a result of situations beyond our control.
Changes, which may also affect land excursions, will be communicated as soon as possible. Your cruise Director / Expedition Leader, together with the Captain of the Bengal Ganga, will do their utmost to find the best solution.

Before your cruise ends, you will be given questionnaires from the Bengal Ganga. We urge you to take the time to complete these questionnaires. We are always looking for ways to improve your holi¬days and in order to do this we need some help from you. Your comments are important to us. Please hand your completed questionnaire in at Reception.

Our Reception is staffed from 0600 – 2400 hours and is located on the main deck of the Bengal Ganga.

At meal times there is only one sitting in the restaurant / dining room and unassigned seating. You may change tables whenever you wish, enabling you to meet and enjoy a meal with many of your cruising companions.

As the rivers we sail on are subject to seasonal rise and fall of water level and flow of water, there can be significant changes in water levels overnight. A sudden rise can hamper our progress upstream considerably and even prevent us from passing under certain bridges. A sudden fall in water levels can result in our being unable to get to certain places or go as far upstream as we would hope to. Groundings on sandbars are a possibility and are a part of the excitement of our river expedition. The published tour program is indicative and subject to sudden change. During such times we provide an alternative Itinerary and we do our best to ensure to make up for the missed stop or sightseeing, by offering another stop. It would be prudent for Passengers to be flexible and patient since cruising on the Rivers in India particularly the Ganges is incredible, adventurous, and tranquil whilst at the same time an exciting and intense experience, quite unlike cruising the controlled waterways of America and Europe. ALSO NOTE to a certain extent we operate in areas with little or under developed infrastruc¬ture and subject to the confines of local conditions. It is advisable to be prepared for such experiences to make your cruise on the Bengal Ganga all the more enjoyable and spectacular.

There is an electronic safe in every cabin, located in the closet. The safe can be programmed with your own code and instructions can be found inside the closet door. We recommend that you leave money and other valuables in the safe.

The main office on the ship is on the Upper Deck the General Manager Cruise or Manager or their assis¬tant are on duty at set times to offer information or assistance.

Some toiletries, accessories, film and a variety of gift items are available for sale. Please ask at Re-ception.

Smoking is only allowed on the Sun Deck. Please never throw any cigarette ends overboard – the breeze could carry the smouldering end back onboard. There is a strict non-smoking policy in the inte¬rior of the vessel, especially in the cabins, saloon bar and the restaurant. All cabins and indoor areas are fitted with smoke detectors


Deck chairs and loungers are available on the Sun Deck.

Please note that on the Ganges there is no television reception but films will be shown throughout your time onboard which can be viewed on the television in the Saloon Bar.

Please do not flush foreign objects, other than toilet paper provided, as this may affect the vacuum system onboard.

Throughout your cruise you will be accompanied by an English speaking Tour Manager who will be happy to assist you with any queries or requests you may have.

In the interests of the environment, towels will not be automatically changed every day. We ask that you put used towels on the floor of the bathroom if you wish to be changed for fresh towels. Towels left hanging on the towel rack will not be changed.

Valuables such as money, jewellery, airline tickets and other items should be safely locked in your ca¬bin in-suite safe. We recommend that when going ashore you do not take all your valuables and money with you. Do not carry items of value in your back pocket – a money belt is always a safe sug¬gestion.
Remember to empty the safe of all items before disembarking the ship at the end of your cruise. Pandaw Cruises

Foreign passengers should ensure that they are in possession of valid Indian Visa before arrival in In¬dia.
Visa Application Form Visa application form is available at the office of the Indian Embassy or High Commission in the country of residence.
Procedure for obtaining Visa Visas can be applied for in person or by post at the Indian Embassy or High Commissions of India in the country of residence. For further details refer to:
Requirements for Visa Generally the following documents are required for obtaining Indian Visa. However, the requirement may vary from country to country.
1. Original passport valid for at least 6 months
2. Visa fee
3. Two passport size photographs
4. Supporting documents, where necessary
5. Duly completed application form
For a List of Indian Embassies:

For the safety and security of all passengers no visitors are allowed onboard the ship.

Water from the taps in your cabin should not be used for drinking though the water is treated in the Bengal Ganga’s desalination, de-sedimentation and purification plant using UV and Osmosis. Compli¬mentary bottled water is provided in your cabin, and will be replenished throughout the cruise.