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Cruise The Ganges – ‘God’s Own River’

Originating out of mythology, a tapestry of quaint religious beliefs, faith, and awe-inspiring history, rich architecture and cultural heritage spread along the banks of the Ganges and Hoogli rivers. Infused with influences of the past rulers and European settlers, rich in diverse flora fauna and incredible landscapes, the Ganges is the heart and soul of Indian civilization, influencing millions of people around the world.

The Ganga, is the lifeline of the North. The areas it flows through are fertile, thereby sustaining and nourishing civilizations since time immemorial and hence referred to as Mother Ganga.

India’s First Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru – from his book Discovery of India published by Oxford University Press, written while he was imprisoned in Ahmednagar between 1942 and 1946, observed:

"The Ganges, above all is the river of India, which has held India's heart captive and drawn uncounted millions to her banks since the dawn of history. The story of the Ganges, from her source to the sea, from old times to new, is the story of India's civilization and culture, of the rise and fall of empires, of great and proud cities, of adventures of man…"

Aboard the BENGAL GANGA a voyage of a thousand miles makes for a journey of a lifetime.

Experience perhaps the most vivid, intense, soul-stirring, adventurous, thrilling, tranquil and memorable moments in your lifetime “Incredibly on the Ganges” aboard the Bengal Ganga.

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