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  • LIFEJACKET: Lifejackets can be found in the wardrobe of each cabin.
  • EMERGENCY PROCEDURES & MUSTER STATIONS: The ship is fitted with modern smoke detectors and extinguishers. Alarms are situated at regular intervals along the promenade decks. Fire extinguishers are located at regular intervals around the promenade deck and outside all public rooms.
  • In the event of an emergency, the ships whistle will blast repeatedly and the alarm bells will be rung. If you are inside your cabin or close to it, take your life jacket and proceed immediately to Muster Station 1, which is located on the main deck mid ships (in front of Dinning Hall). In the event of Muster Station 1 is not safe; please proceed to Muster Station 2, which is located on the Sun Deck. If you are not in your cabin, do not return to the cabin when you hear the alarm, proceed to Muster Station and await instructions from the crew.
  • In the back of your cabin door is a plan of the ship showing the position of your cabin in relation to the Emergency Muster Stations.
  • As on other river cruise ships, we do not carry lifeboats as it is far quicker to beach the vessel on the nearest sandbar or riverbank than transfer passengers onto the Ship’s boats. However, we do carry life rafts. We have 3 life rafts with a capacity of 20 passengers and 1 life raft with a capacity of 25 passengers.
  • There will be an emergency fire drill for only the Staff at the beginning of your voyage. It will not include our passengers; however, there will be an announcement before the drill takes place.
  • SMOKING IS PERMITTED ONLY OUTSIDE ON THE SUNDECK AT A DESIGNATED AREA. We kindly request you not to smoke in your cabin or in the dining room as well as the Saloon Bar. This is a wood finished ship and the danger of fire should never be forgotten.
  • MOVING AROUND THE SHIP: Decks can be very slippery, especially after rainfall and in the morning and evening during the winter months due to the dew. Please always use the handrails. Cabin slippers should only be used in the cabins.
  • MEDICAL: We carry first aid equipment and basic medications. Senior staffs have attended first aid courses. On the river, we are never far from a local medical station.
  • EMERGENCY NUMBERS: Ship Manager +91 9748490007; Ship Purser 9748390007; Sumit Bhattacharya [Guide onboard and on excursions] +919007769549


  • THE SHIP WATER SUPPLY comes from the river after passing through a sterilization plant. This water is suitable for washing and should not be drunk. Bottled water is provided in your cabin for drinking. Please also use the bottled water for brushing your teeth. For bathing, please run the water for 2 minutes before it gets hot.
  • SAFE: The safe needs a 4-digit code to be programed manually. Please do not enter a wrong code more than 3 times.
  • ELECTRICITY: 230 volts two round pin type as in Europe
  • INTERNET AND WI-FI: Free Wi-Fi is available near Kolkata. Away from Kolkata, connectivity is sporadic and bandwidth is limited to 150 MB per passenger per day. Satellite communication is not permitted to private organizations and individuals by the Government of India in Indian waters. Please speak to the Ship Manager when you would like to access the internet. A portable Wi-Fi router will be available to you in the public areas of the ship.
  • LAUNDRY: The Laundry list is inside the rattan folder. A laundry bag is provided in your cabin behind the entrance door. Laundry is collected each morning when your room is made up and will be returned in the evening or latest after 24 hours. Please mark the items on the list and put it with the laundry bag on your bed. Ironing/pressing is available. Please note delicate laundry on the list.
  • TOWELS: Please put your towels on the floor in the bathroom if you wish them to be exchanged.
  • TOILET FLUSH: Please push toilet flush about 10 seconds. Please do not throw any toilet paper or debris in the W.C. Kindly dispose it inside the wastebasket provided inside the toilet.
  • VENTILATOR: It is located inside the bathroom and is not covered. Please do not put your fingers through it.
  • RATTAN FOLDER: Next to the entrance door of your cabin you can find this rattan folder (show) with some documentation as well as this blue booklet (show) “Information for Passengers”. Please take a few moments to read this, as it will help answering your questions and explain some important matters about life aboard the ship.
  • AIR-CONDITIONING: Your cabin has its own air conditioning unit, which can be adjusted for your comfort. We do recommend you do not overcool your cabin as the sudden change from the outside temperature to a chilled cabin can bring on colds, respiratory illness and even stomach upsets.
  • ROBES / SLIPPERS: These are for your use during the cruise.
  • INSECT PRECAUTIONS: Use insect repellent after sunset. Make sure to switch off lights when leaving your cabin so as not to lure insects in.


    BREAKFAST: Cold Buffet and Hot food a la carte
    LUNCH: Buffet
    DINNER: Set Menu with a choice of Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian food served pre-plated on the table.
    All meal timings are subject to change as per the daily schedule. A gong is rung to announce lunch and dinner. We have free sitting in the restaurant during all meals.
  • NO DRESS CODE on board during the day. In the evening, we suggest smart-casual dress.
  • KITCHEN: Only Reverse Osmosis water is used in the kitchen for cooking and to wash vegetables, fruits, as well as to produce ice cubes, sauce, and soups.
  • DRINKS AND COCKTAILS: Coffee/Tea (complimentary) and the Honesty Bar (in the refrigerator and chargeable) are available on the Sun Deck Beverage Counter from 6 AM to 10 PM. Please help yourself to the soft drinks and local and imported liquor and kindly sign on the Honesty Bar list for the drinks. Please mention your cabin number, item and quantity consumed. Cappuccino and espresso (chargeable) are available in the Saloon and can be ordered for drinking on the Sun Deck. Everyday in the evening a Cocktail of the Day is offered to guests in the saloon bar at an attractive rate. All chargeable beverages consumed by passengers will be billed at the end of the cruise.


  • LOUD SPEAKER SYSTEM: Excursions announced 10 minutes prior to departure. Announcements are audible in public areas, but not inside your cabin.
  • KEYBOARD: Please hang your cabin key on the Key Board on the Main Deck, next to the Dining Room entrance, before going ashore. This is for your safety as well as for the Captain’s information.
  • GANGWAY: Please be careful while using the gangway for embarking and disembarking the ship. Our crew members are there to help you and will accompany you always on excursions. Please only use transport provided by the ship and if there are any doubts, please ask any accompanying crew member or excursion leader for assistance. The ship has designated transport that we work with on each shore excursion when necessary. We provide water bottles for all excursions.
  • FOOTWEAR: Slippers are provided for your comfort on board the vessel. When ashore, guests should use comfortable, safe walking shoes. At certain times, the river bank and path can be muddy and therefore slippery or very dusty. We ask you to remove your footwear when returning on board so that we can clean your shoes for you and return them to you at your room.


  • NOTICE BOARD located on Upper and Main Deck
  • DAILY SCHEDULE is placed in your cabin during dinner time
  • DAILY BRIEFING in the evening at the Saloon with information about the program of the following days and about the places we visit.
  • PAYMENTS: No payments are to be amde during the cruise. Cabin account settlement happens at the end of each cruise. Cash (US$/€/£/INR), Credit Card or Debit Card (Visa / Master) are accepted.
  • NO MONEY CHANGE service on board.
  • EMERGENCY HELP: If you need any help in the night, you will find our personnel in the Office, which is located on the Upper Deck.

FOR THE CREW: Tipping is a personal way to show satisfaction for good service. There is no obligation to give gratuities. Should you wish to leave a gratuity for the Crew our suggestion is USD 7 per passenger per day. There are envelopes in the cabins in which you can put the gratuities. Please deposit your envelope in the Tip Box in the Office. Should you wish to add gratuities separately to your onboard bill or pay by credit card the amount that is to be added to your account, please notify the purser during your voyage.

FOR THE CRUISE DIRECTOR AND/OR EXCURSION LEADER/ GUIDE: There is no expectation that the Cruise Director and/or Excursion Leader will be given gratuities. It is entirely at your discretion. If you wish to give a gratuity, we suggest $20-25 per passenger for each CD or EL for the entire cruise.

NOTICE FOR PASSENGERS TRAVELING THROUGH A TRAVEL COMPANY: Please check your Traveler’s Information Sheet provided by your company for any further instructions on their policy for gratuities and whether gratuities are included in your tour cost.


We kindly request our guests to remain patient and flexible. We do our best to make interesting and exciting programs, but it is not always possible to follow itineraries to the letter. River conditions can alter each day. Please keep an eye on the notice board for notice of any changes to the announced timings.

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